AI-Powered Writing Prompts

PlotPrompts will unlock your writing potential with creative and detailed AI-generated fiction prompts for:

  • Protagonists, Antagonists, and Secondary characters
  • Creatures and Monsters
  • Subplots
  • Full story outlines in a 3 Act structure that weave it all together
  • Chapter by chapter outlines from your full story prompts

Transform your writing process with cutting-edge technology.

People ask me where I get my ideas. I always tell them, "Schenectady." They look at me with confusion and I say, “Yeah, there’s this ‘idea service’ in Schenectady and every week like clockwork they send me a fresh six-pack of ideas for 25 bucks.” Every time I say that at a college lecture there’s always some schmuck who comes up to me and wants the address of the service.

...Harlan Ellison

Forget the "Idea Service of Schenectady", you've got PlotPrompts!

These Are Prompts

You're the writer! PlotPrompts is a tool to help fuel your creativity.

  • PlotPrompts helps inspire you to write your story
  • Create well-rounded characters from scratch
  • Add depth to your already created characters
  • Build subplots that tie-in to your story
  • Outline your story in acts and chapters

These are the things that PlotPrompts is perfect to help you with.

Creativity Included

It's been said that AI isn't very good at being creative because it's focused on achieving results and doesn't deviate from instructions.

What's missing there is that if AI is given well-crafted instructions it can produce output that is extremely creative while also remaining focused on the central storyline.

Of course everything PlotPrompts gives you is optional to use. These are prompts not rules to write by.

Our goal is to stimulate your own creativity, not stifle it.

It Helps You Write

The blank page is a writer's worst nightmare, but not with PlotPrompts!

The bare minimum that you need to provide is a genre for your story and PlotPrompts will come up with characters and ideas to spark your creativity and get you writing.

We've also made it so that you can give PlotPrompts lots of input on the characters and stories you want to write about and it will help you to flush them out further.

PlotPrompts is here to give you what you want and need to continue and complete your story.

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