AI-Powered Writing Prompts

PlotPrompts will unlock your writing potential with creative and detailed AI-generated fiction prompts for:

  • Protagonists, Antagonists, and Secondary characters
  • Creatures and Monsters
  • Subplots
  • Full story outlines in a 3 Act structure that weave it all together
  • Chapter by chapter outlines from your full story prompts

Transform your writing process with cutting-edge technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

PlotPrompts is built on top of the latest A.I. language models and trained using machine learning techniques. It is designed to process and generate human-like text, responding to the minimal or even detailed instructions you give to it when generating a story prompt.

PlotPrompts will generate a truly unique and cohesive story outline in the common 3-act structure, including possible subplots to explore, as well as a detailed cast of characters with background and biographical information.

No. As far as we know PlotPrompts is the first and only writing assistant that utilizes the power and creativity of advanced A.I. language models to truly "create" and plan out original and unique story ideas and characters.

100% you! The TLDR of it is that we, Bannon Productions, hold copyright on all "non A.I. generated" content of this website--all of the page copy, graphics, etc.--but all A.I. generated content--such as the story outlines and character bios generated by your input--belongs to you in full. Our Terms of Service covers this more in-depth and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with them, but the bottom line is that all prompts that you create using our service belong to you and may be used by only you for whatever purposes you need them.

The access and computing resources being used by PlotPrompts is not free, though it is very affordable, and we believe well worth the small amount it costs to produce fully fleshed out story outlines and character backgrounds to write stories from.

We do provide every new user with 20 free credits at signup to try PlotPrompts out. This is roughly enough to generate up to 5 full story project outlines and character casts.

The cost per project fluctuates based on your input and how detailed the generated responses become, with the average project resulting in a cost of about 4 credits.

Each time you make a prompt request for something, whether it's a character biography and background, a set of subplots, a 3 Act structured story outline, then PlotPrompts is harnessing the power and computing resources of a powerful AI Network to create them for you.

  • Full Story Prompts (Including Protagonist, Antagonist, Multiple Subplots, and a Story Plot in 3-Act format) cost 4 credits.
  • Character Prompts (Main or Secondary Characters) cost 1 credit.
  • Antagonist Character Prompts cost 1 credit.
  • Creature/Monster Prompts cost 1 credit.
  • Chapter by Chapter outlines from your generated Full Story Prompts cost 2 credits.

We give you 20 credits free for signing up so that you can fully test PlotPrompts out, and we offer credits at a very low rate when you want to get more, starting at just $5 packages.

No, in fact we don't have any subscription option available or planned for PlotPrompts.

Because all writers are different and work at their own pace, we believe that a "pay as you go" model is not only the most fair but also the most economical for you, the user.

We do offer various packages of credits however, allowing for savings on the cost per credit based on how many you purchase at any given time.

Once logged on, you will have the option to purchase additional credits from your account dashboard, with several purchasing options available to allow you to only buy as many credits as you believe you'll need, and to save on the cost per credit based on how many you purchase.